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Bring Me Back to That Wonderland (Part 2)

We open in Venice, We next play Verona
Then on to Cremona, Lotsa laughs in Cremona.
Our next jump is Parma, That stingy, dingy menace,
Then Mantua, then Padua,Then we open again, where?

Frank Sinatra – We Open in Venice

Piazza di San Marco, VeneziaI wouldn’t say that you have to face the music when you didn’t read the previous post first before read this post. But trust me buddy, you’ve missed a lot. In my first part of the story, I told you about my first episode in Paris. It was gorgeous trip together with the Indonesian estraters and I guess we had the time of our lives to be there. I had been on Paris since 21 till 24 April before set off to Milan Malpenza in 6am. I’ve told you before that Paris always go the extra mile for the visitors. Therefore, we planned to come back to the town in 29 April after exploring Italian & Barcelona landmark. We would visit Venice, Florence, Pisa, and of course Roma! That was awesome, right?

Yeah, after spending our first four days in Paris, then we set off to Italy. We took an EasyJet flight from Paris to Milan which was quite cheap. We were in hurry toward Charles de Gauille since we had to be there at 5.30am. We just arrived in Hotel from Champs Elysses at 1am. We took off at 6.30am by that “fully commercial” plane.

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Bring Me Back to That Wonderland (Part 1)

Pont Alexandre III, Paris

You know, it was too good to be true. I was leaving for Paris at 21st April ago to accomplish the special mission on international final of L’Oreal Estrat Challenge. There was a real hope of ending three years title drought on University of Indonesia, but I failed to made it. I just could entertain and made a memorable presentation in front of the juries on behalf of VOC Team. A passionate presentation by Jessica Wang, Helen Lu, & Tim Coleman has put the Canadian team named “juventus” to win the world champion title in Gustavo Eiffel, Eiffel Tower, Paris. Congratulation !! Their look was truly their story !!

Forget about it! Paris is wonderland, everyone won’t deny it. Everybody’s stoned on pride and drunk on cheap champagne, said Faith Hill. I’d like to share everything I got when I traveled in Paris. There were too many wonderful story about my spring holiday over there. One of the most memorable moment is a farewell party with Maria Jose Burdalo Prieto, a cute Spanish girl. Seemed to meet once, like ships that pass in the night, and maybe will never meet again. If there were a bit dissappointment, it’s our missed-opportunity to visit the Parisien Red District. (Gosh !!!)

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Once Upon a Time in Roma

What will be your reaction if you come through this encounter?

Roma, 29th April 2009

Suppose you’re in Roma right now. And then, you wanna buy some bottles of 330 ml mineral water. If you bought them on the self-machine at the hostel, you just pay 1 euro each of them. You’re 1 km far from your hostel and now you’re exhausted. Finally, you find someone who sells the bottle you need. He’s an Indian-Italian, just call his name ‘Ajay’.

You : “Mi Scusi, Signor.. How much is the price?” (taking a bottle of mineral water)

Ajay : “Two point five Euros”

You : “Are there any one euro drink waters sold here?”

Ajay : ” Ohhh… sorry dude, in Rome one Euro just get shit!!”

You : “What did you say? Can’t you speak politely to your customer? “

Ajay : “Nope dude, we just sell two Euros drinks here. I think I spoke clearly. if you don’t wanna buy it, Just go out of here !!”


See that, I’m in that position and speechless. It’s ridiculous when a waiter spoke like that. If it happened in Indonesia, I’ve sent him in his grave.

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