Football (Might)­­ Comes Home

“Revenge is a funny thing…”

Go England!!No wonder if all Englishman and fans of Three Lions around the world are on cloud nine following England’s superb triumph against Croatia in Wembley Stadium last night. That has put Capello Babes officially qualified on World Cup 2010 in South Africa. The pain has been cured, when all Englishman cried lamenting their failure two years ago. As we know, Croatia vanquished England in the Wembley rain to sweep them out of Euro 2008 and Steve McClaren out of a job. And now, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard scored two goals each to exact their own personal revenge for that horrible night. Eduardo scored no more than consolation goal in 73 minutes, and then Wayne Rooney adding another near the end. England blew Croatia’s chance to lead Group 6 by beating them five goals to one!

Last night, England were fantastic and played as a team with spirit­ and pride. They showed their own class to give Croatia some lessons. They don’t seem to be in the same league. They lead the group with their 100 per cent group record in 8 matches and scoring 31 goals, the most productive team in World Cup Qualifying now. Their world-class striker Wayne Rooney even be the top scorer by scoring 9 goals. They still have two more matches against Ukraine and Belarus. I think it’s not difficult to them to score more many goals.

They will bring it back!!

They will bring it back!!

Many ones said that The Three Lions are in line for World Cup title. Yes I’m in favor! They are hunger for success most and more different­ than they were in 2006. They won’t let their fans down and go­ furthest. But there still a lot things to do as genuine World Cup contenders. No doubt that they have so many five-stars players in every line from the defense, middle, & striker. Gerrard for instance, he organized his braces by giving two­­ projectiles to Lennon and Rooney respectively and­­ subsequently taking good positions to nod in their­­ passes. Theo Walcott may have a bit more of a fight on his hands, though. Following his performance, England fans may no longer inextricably link the name Aaron Lennon with the phrase ‘end product’ in quite the same way again.

I got two main weaknesses of Fabio Capello’s to face that international tournament that is scheduled to take place between 11 June and 11 July 2010. The first one is about Rooney and other striker played alongside him. That’s it, when Wazza has been injured in a major tournament before, England’s chances fell apart. They might have a clinical striker like Peter Crouch, an explosive man Jermain Defoe, or experienced striker Emile Heskey. The last name mentioned played poorly last night. He blew any chances and some English commentators even said that he has ended his international career. Crouch actually has his own attributes as the buffer for Rooney, but I doubt this is the formula to win a World Cup. Perhaps, just on-fire Defoe that can be selected or Three Lions must willing to play by using just one striker!

England can’t rely on Rooney, all the time. The opponent will mark him much more carefully, wind him up a touch more effectively. And Rooney does live on a short fuse. However, with all do respect, I’m sure Capello will soon solve that problem. Yet there’s one more threat for the title contenders, it’s goalkeeper position! My friend Heru once said that, if he has yet to do blunder, he ain’t English goalkeeper! The clumsy things are still often done by English Goalkeeper such as Paul Robinson, David James, Ben Foster, or Robert Green. They are mediocre!

And I think the acquisition of Arsenal’s goalkeeper Manuel Almunia is very good answer then.

But let’s leave it at that. As a big fan of England, I’m delighted with England’s prevail and the manner of it. And now, it’s pretty interesting to see how Capello builds a team which can really challenge in World Cup 2010. He has to find the right answer to eliminate the risk about goalkeeper’s blunder. I think it’s a­ case of sour grapes with people dismissing England’s chance to win the world cup just because­ their team didn’t get through.

And then, let’s sing football’s coming home!


9 Responses to “Football (Might)­­ Comes Home”

  1. 1 peluang usaha September 12, 2009 at 1:05 am

    go go england………………
    lampard still the best

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  3. 3 susan October 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm

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  4. 4 agus darmika February 12, 2010 at 10:28 am

    england, i luv u…….

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