The Blood-Sucking Opportunist Malaysia

sipadanOne of this week’s stand-out displays Malaysia’s unethical self-claimed issue that has been again blown up. They’ve recently claimed Pendet dance in their tourism advertisement. For Indonesian people, that’s been truly infuriating since they do Pendet as though their cultural heritage. I’ve been in the same boat with heru when he wrote it as a blood-sucking opportunist that will do everything to get everything that smells like money. Let alone, they’ve previously claimed Batik, Reog Ponorogo, any Indonesian folklore songs, etc. Well, that’s actually more than I can take. Malaysia won’t stop their action since they realize that they have lack of marketable cultural heritage can be used to make selling point.

Do they make Indonesia as their heater land then? I think it’s quite clear. I realize that national pride is stake here but let’s leave it at that! That’s useless to talk about it any longer. All we have to do is to cast about for new idea to fight against Malaysia’s claims. Then, the question will be how? Smashing Malaysia by using censures or something like that is somewhat unworthy. We should again analyze, how it could be.

Let me share you something. When I and my e-strat running mates were on Paris and Rome, many people thought us as Malaysians. That’s just a bit instance how popular Malaysia compared with Indonesia. Moreover, a taxi driver in Paris thought that Bali is a part of Malaysia. He said that Denpasar can be reached in no more than 3 hours by plane from Kuala Lumpur. Did you notice that there’s something wrong in my story? Yeps, he didn’t even touch on Jakarta.

My point at the story above is our infrastructure. Malaysia is far ahead, we must admit it. We might proud of our cultural heritage, but still simply it can be nothing if we have no proper infrastructure such as transportation, accommodation, etc. No wonder some people think Bali is a part of Malaysia after flying straightaway from Kuala Lumpur, not Jakarta. We even have a similar race with them. That’s it, the supporting system in our tourism business is very urgent.

Well, I’m not an expert of international marketing but I’ll give you a big picture of my thought. There’s always a real hope of ending this conflict. I break it down into just two main problems, product and promotion. Actually we still can discuss about our people and physical evidence, but the foremost ones are product and promotion. Let’s start from the first thing, product.

One of the Parisien Taxi Driver even thought Bali is a part of Malaysia

One of the Parisien Taxi Driver even thought Bali is a part of Malaysia

Heru is right, registering the trademark of Indonesian culture, send a letter to the Malaysian government to ask their withdrawing of the advertisement and apologize openly for claiming Indonesian cultures as theirs are a must now. But the foremost thing is our product packaging. There’s no doubt that our cultural heritage is affluent. Malaysia is far behind. But it seems that we couldn’t make our potential to be a bright opportunity. For instance, do you know how beautiful Saman or Jaipong is? Just typing the keywords in google and then you’ll find it. Just ask yourself, have our government ever seriously promoted them as our cultural heritage? Have we, as Indonesian, treated them as our potential to get a huge brand awareness in the foreigner eyes? Come on guys, we can’t go on pretending day by day that we have already optimized them as well. No wonder if unethical opportunist Malaysia claimed Indonesian since they saw Indonesia couldn’t bring it into international market.

Will it be "Kaskus Malaysian Community"?

Will it be "Kaskus Malaysian Community"?

Then, what about our supporting system? That’s very urgent. My professor Rhenald Kasali wrote something in his facebook status on last monday. He said that one day, a pilot who sit next to him grumbled about our awful landing instrument system in our airports in the whole country. When our neighbor has four stars classification (great), Soekarno-Hatta as our international airport just have two stars classification. How is the regional airport? Still, there’s many homeworks for our government when it comes to the tourism and the supporting system. Honestly, when I was on KLIA April ago, I got ants in my pants about its landscape and world-class architecture. I admit, Indonesia still need to learn a lot from Malaysia about how to make a great first impression.

Well, I think Malaysia sensed this, then they try to exploit our weakness in tourism by claiming our cultural heritage first. Yeps, they will do anything necessary to promote their tourism industry, even if it means that they have to claim ours.

So, what about the promotion. I do understand that we have our back to the wall since we have less promotion budget than Malaysia’s. But still, we aren’t left high and dry. Malaysia’s promotion seems and sounds everywhere. Well, it’s gonna be hard when it comes to low-budget promotion. Malaysia have USD 6 million for promotion budget, while Indonesia just have a quarter of Malaysia’s. So, my concluding remarks are back to the product and the entire administration. Build a proper infrastructure to support the Indonesian tourism that bring it into international market, and registering the trademark of Indonesian culture. If our government dismiss it again, it’s not impossible our biggest community in the internet Kaskus will soon be claimed by Malaysia. Jadi siap-siap bata aja gan!!


5 Responses to “The Blood-Sucking Opportunist Malaysia”

  1. 1 shellya August 27, 2009 at 2:18 pm

    siap2 bata aja gan kalo ampe kaskus di claim juga 😀

    hmm .. how about claimed Noordin as Indonesian ? 😛

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