A Whiz Kid Speaks Out

When I was on Trevi Fountain, Roma couple of months ago, I think I was being a part of the Italian myth that believe by throwing three coins into the fountain, then our wish will come true. I knew, there were going to be harsh critics on my action but I didn’t give a damn what anybody thought about me. “At least, you’ll be still praying for your God” the devil whispered it to me. Then I threw three 2 cents coins and made a wish for each ones. Sure, I also wished for my yearning uptown girl despite I’ve never personally attempted to attract her since I have absolutely no idea to do it till now. Hahaha, what the fuckin’ loser!!!

But the foremost thing of my wishes was to end my annoying lack of financial resources. I realize that there’s no truly kind way to write this, but if you had checked my profile, you would have seen that I am not a Superman despite I’m lying if I said I stare my life in a misery. People overwhelmingly describe me that I seem like a whiz kid. But trust me buddy, it’s definitely false! I talked about it to my friends thousand times and it’s been annoying me. About woman, unfortunately they also said that I’m probably not the best looking guy, but I’m sick and tired of going after less than what I deserve. It’s a bull shit, right?? Anyway, I got a pretty interesting quote from my French-Canadian online friend Clara, “You wanna date me? you just have to have the following: car, job, and at least graduated from high reputation University. If you’re a dropout, then please do us a favor, kill yourself!!” You know, I finally greeted her with a plastic smile emoticon.

That’s clearly reasonable when a woman asks you for anything like that. It’s not a big issue since you are a man. Well, I’m not gonna talk about it anymore. But the big deal is, you know, it’s hard to find something called a good & prospective job nowadays, even you are a former international finalist of L’Oreal Estrat Challenge, a worldwide business simulation competition in Paris, France. To be honest, I just have an average GPA, not a cum-lauder such as either Boniarga or Kris. My GPA is just in a range of 3,** (I’m actually not confidence to publish my current GPA at all, but trust me, it’s not as good as you think). I have *15 TOEFL score but I think it doesn’t assure me to get a job. I’m not graduated yet and still don’t know when I’ll be graduated. Will it be on September, October, November? I still have no idea.

I keep track of my friends who’s been graduated six months ago. Many of them are still unemployed. And then I figure out that seeking a job in Jakarta is blood, sweat and tears. The competition is quite tough to get a favor job. Technically speaking, if you just fly by the seat of your pants, you’re out! I’ve been discouraged since I just get an average GPA and some friends believe that I’m gonna make a surprise again as I did in Paris. I just consider it as a wish, amin! I still don’t get why they think like that despite I always believe that even not graduated yet, I’m going places. I exactly know that I have the makings of something. But still, it’s not that easy.

Interestingly, Mom and Daddy try to push me to take MIB course in Europe. But I know they can’t afford the tuition fee. They said the Eiffel scholarship 2010 is too precious to be missed. Look, I’m just in the process of leaving my damn campus and then I must go studying again. Here, I kinda feel sorry, especially for my ‘shareholders’, mom and daddy for being like this. I never pledged to go the extra mile. I know it’s totally my fiasco since I neglected my early term in my University. Well, if killing parent was not a big sin, I think I mean I don’t know what I’ve said…

Never mind, now I and Anton are trying to get some experiences in British Council. That three months internship program will be held in next September. I’d say thank you very much for my lecturers Pak Alberto Daniel and Ibu DJ Sulichah for their willingness to referee me, and also my classmate Pasadina for her info. Wish me luck!


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