You’re not afraid, so what?

Kami Tidak Takut!! (We're Not Afraid!)After the JW Marriott & Ritz Carlton blasts, Indonesia Unite’s slogan “We’re Not Afraid” has been getting popular. “We’re not afraid” actually is an outlet for the global community to speak out against the acts of terror that have struck London, Madrid, New York, Afghanistan, Bali, etc. It’s also aimed to hail against the atrocities occurring in cities around the world each and every day. So, it’s a worldwide action for people not willing to be cowed by terrorism and fear mongering. In Indonesia, it’s aimed to encourage Indonesians to be no longer repressed by the fears about any terrorism threats. That’s it, that slogan seems show to the world that everything’s okay though the bombs have killed more than 10 victims and injured dozens others. Hmm.. sounds good, right? They try to stick out our strength and make the terrorists quiver.

Well, apart from any conspiracy theories about who Noordin M Top is, here I assume what media informed us is the fact. He’s the “commander in chief” among the terrorists. If the “we’re not afraid” slogan is getting popular, the the question will be “will the terrorist be quiver?” Hmmm.. no idea about it actually. But let me say you something, if I were Noordin or just his henceman, I’d say: so what?

Read my following text carefully, I’ll try to put myself on Noordin’s shoes.

If you’re killed on my Amaliyat Jihadiyah Istisyhadiyah in either JW Marriott or Ritz Carlton and you’re a moslem, then you’ll die as a syuhada or martyr. If you’re not, you’re supposed to be killed since you’re my enemy. So, it’s none of my business whether you’re afraid or not concerning my actions. You’re definitely not my main target. All you have to do is joining me to fight against US, UK, and Australia. You might be damaged as my serial bomb. Even so, it’s just a little part of my big big plan to destroy US foreign investment and look after Afghanistan & Iraq.

Another Indonesia Unite's Slogan

Another Indonesia Unite's Slogan

That’s it, if I were a part of them, I’d say it’s worthless to speak out “we’re not afraid” slogan. Did I say it’s definitely useless? No, I didn’t mean it that way. I never meant to discourage all of encouragement against terrorism attacks. I throw my supports to fight against terrorism, only that slogan seems to be not appropriate. I still don’t know what more appropriate slogans are but at least, I told you about their way. I always believe, there is a better way to fight against terrorism.

At last, for the henpecked suicide bombers Dani Dwi Permana and Nana, my heart goes to your family. You’ve clinched the amaliyah jihadiyah well, but honestly I’m not sure you won’t go to hell as your questionable martyr.


1 Response to “You’re not afraid, so what?”

  1. 1 pinappleflavouredpeople November 11, 2014 at 7:59 am

    I see your point. But I think it’s a good start. This world is ruled by fear, there is fear-fueling propaganda everywhere and fear leads to hate on both sides (of course there are always more than two sides) and in my view that can only lead to some big violent outbreak, no peaceful solutions. Fear is how politicians trick people into voting for empty promises, why minorities are discriminated against and how wars are fueled. But I liked your post.

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